8 Reasons You Shouldn't Take Your Kids To The Zoo

First, a warning:

I wouldn’t look at these pictures while at work, or with kids in the room. Heck, I wasn’t even comfortable looking at them with my husband in the room, but then again, I’m pretty prudish.


Alright, these may not be cats, but these needed to be shared nonetheless…

Eight Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Your Kids To The Zoo

(You’ve been warned…)

Reason Number 1.-Self servicing monkeys



Reason Number 2. Elephant anal probes


Reason number 3: Bunny pileups (with bystander)


Reason number 4: Monkeys not even bothering to ‘fake it’
(Seriously, if your partner looks this bored, you ain’t doing it ‘like they do on The Discovery Channel‘)


Reason Number 5: Orangutan oral




Reason Number 6: Don’t feed the animals!
Where is this kid’s parents?!

Reason Number 7: Primate public pleasurings
(But she looks so dang happy, one might be envious…)image008.jpg

Reason Number 8: The only thing that can help you forget…


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