What do you mean 'cats are so gay'? Geez!

Don’t misunderstand the name. We love cats. We have three spoiled rottens of our own.   We had a fourth for a while, named George, but then he went to an even more loving home with a great family.  Spoiling cats rotten, and making sure they’re well treated and cared for, is very important to us, and we wouldn’t trade any of ours for anything in the world.

But c’mon. You’ve seen the positions kitties get into. We have boy cats that get into some compromising ones. Those are some of the pictures we will be sharing as we sort through the hundreds of diabetes-inducing moments caught on digital. You know the ones. They’re snuggled together on the sofa, someone’s head inevitably in someone else’s groin. They lick each other for too long to be just grooming or a friendly ‘Hey, let me lick your head.’ It’s great they love each other. But quite often it looks really gay. Really sweet, but it makes you wonder if this is what happens to those hormones when boy cats get fixed.

Naturally, we’re not going to focus on just ‘those’ kind of pictures. There are plenty of goofball moments, just plain looking cute moments, and, if we can catch them, some great action shots of psycho kitties who need to be on the other side of the house right now. We want to share really cute pictures of cats, and hopefully give people a reason to smile.

Thanks for checking us out!


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