Meet Rocky!

The sweetest kitty you\'ll ever meet!

Here is Rocky, the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet.  He truly wants to ‘give strangers great big hugs’, as the Steven Lynch song goes.  Rocky is ‘a little bit special’!

Rocky found his way to our home as a tiny guy who just barely fit in the palm of my hand.  He’s polydactyl, so every one of his paws has an extra toe.  As a kitten it looked like he wore clown shoes.  When I first saw him, he’d just had a flea bath, was soaking wet, and just pitiful.  I fell in love instantly, and he’s been my ‘baby boy’ every since.

He had a bit of a rough start.  He was barely six weeks old when I got him, and he’d been with another very nice gentleman for a week before that, so he was awfully young to be taken from him mom.  His girlfriend had picked Rocky up for him from a farmhouse, hoping to help heal the heartbreak of losing his precious cat earlier.  He just wasn’t ready for another animal, especially a kitten, so they thought perhaps they could take him back to the place she got him from.  Fortunately I don’t know where this place is, or I would be in prison, because the man who had the litter drowned Rocky’s litter mates because he didn’t find them all homes right away.  Words cannot express how outraged that still makes me feel, even twelve years later.

Needless to say the gentleman brought Rocky back to the safety of his home, and put the word out Rocky was up for adoption.  My best friend lived next door to him at the time.  I came by to visit, she ‘innocently’ mentioned there was a kitten next door, and the rest is history.  God bless her, because this little guy has given me so much joy and entertainment and love over the years, I couldn’t imagine it being otherwise.

So Rocky is a little over 12 years old now, and doing pretty good for his age.  We take him to the vet every six months for a checkup, and Steven keeps him feeling young by wrestling and wrangling with him whenever he can!

Watch for pages introducing our other steady cast members, Steven, Mikween (pronounced ‘My Queen’, but also known as Kitty Girl), and Little Action Annie, the Wonder Hamster!


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